New Year, New Us


HAPPY NEW YEAR watch lovers, design fanatics, fashionistas and gizmo geeks!

We are hoping for a truly great year in 2012 (after a slightly tempestuous 2011) and we’ve made three New Year’s resolutions to try and make that happen:

1) More blogging and, if we’re really virtuous, the odd tweet

2) To make it to every single watch fair, even if it is on a Sunday after a massive party and we’d rather stay in bed

3) To find at least two more unique watch lines to add to our selection

Added to that, we hope to continue with excellent customer service (that’s what you tell us!) and genuine TLC for each of our watches, particularly the vintage pieces.

As Quentin Tarantino so brilliantly captures in this scene from ‘Pulp Fiction’, a watch is something that really begs to be looked after. Because a watch is more than just an object that tells you the time – it’s a token of love, a cherished heirloom, a piece of history…


While we don’t go quite as far as storing watches like that, we can promise that we really do care about each one and we give them lots of love and attention. Each vintage watch is hand picked by us, then cleaned, sometimes repaired, often given a new strap or glass, and generally restored to its former glory. We’re sure you’ll want to care for one of them just as much once you’re the proud owner.


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