For watch-lovers who want Eco Chic…


Okay, so stopping global warming and protecting the world’s resources is not an easy task. Sure – we all recycle, take the bus instead of the car occasionally and try not to burn down too many local rainforests, but other than that it can be rather an uphill struggle trying to live an environmentally ethical life.

Now Watch Me Go has decided to help make that quest a little bit easier with a collection of watches that focus on eco qualities. We particularly like the way these watches embrace the challenge of being environmentally friendly with some really innovative and striking designs.

Our wooden watches by WeWood are all lightweight, smell wonderfully woody and will certainly get you noticed with their great-looking wooden bodies and straps – but even better, WeWood promises to plant a tree for every watch sold. In partnership with American Forests, this Italian watch company is taking part in ‘Global ReLeaf’, a project which plants new trees to restore ecosystems in sites around the world that have been damaged by natural or human causes. Our WeWood watches are priced £69 for the analogue style and £79 for the chrono.

Automatic watches are a great eco option as they don’t require batteries, so have no issues concerning electronic waste that can be difficult to dispose of. Automatic watches are powered by kinetic energy from your own body movements, so each time you move your wrist a weight moves around a central pivot inside the watch and winds up the mechanism. Clever! We particularly like the Caocao automatic watch by Ishii Youzi for Japan’s design-conscious Takumi project, which is £135.

Lastly, our solar powered watches by fellow Japanese designer Shin Azumi make a feature of their modern technology by mirroring the larger digital display window with the smaller solar window below.  The Sol watch is a hybrid that uses solar power to extend the battery life by 50%, and it only requires daylight every few days to recharge. The Sol watch is priced at £79 and comes in white or black.

If you want to know more about Watch Me Go’s commitment to being green, read the ‘Save the Planet’ section in our FAQs. To contradict Kermit the frog – it can be easy being green!


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