Killer Timex 80 Special Editions


There is something of the 1983 Michael Jackson Thriller video about these new Timex 80 special editions. The combination of a retro eighties look with gloss plastic straps, printed with what looks like dripping blood, is pretty inspired. We’ve got them for sale at Watch Me Go in both black and white.

Timex80 zombie watch black

Black Timex 80 'Zombie' watch

For those with less inclination towards blood lust, we also have the rather prim-and-proper Timex 80 Polka Dot, with white polka dots on a gloss navy blue strap. It’s a great mix of fifties patterns and eighties styles. Very 2010.

Timex 80 Polka Dot Watch

Timex 80 Polka Dot watch in blue


2 Responses to “Killer Timex 80 Special Editions”

  1. 1 Jim

    Just got the one in silver. Very retro chic. I have received more complaints on this watch then the ones I’ve worn costing hundreds more. It’s too cool, but I don’t remember the bands being this small. Maybe I’m just used to today’s watches being super sized.

  2. 2 Jim

    Sorry that should read compliments

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