Men’s Vintage Tissot – Name Dropping


Famous people who have worn Tissot watches include the singer Carmen Miranda, Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly and Nelson Mandela. James Stewart also wore a Tissot watch in Rear Window. (Not to mention the blatant product placement of a modern Tissot on Angelina Jolie’s wrist in the movies Lara Croft Tomb Raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.)

Now’s your chance to join the Tissot club with an original 1930s/40s Tissot Antimagnetique vintage watch. This one has a new green leather strap, which we thing looks super-cool. We’d be prepared to swap it for a black one if it’s too loud for you, though.

Black beauty

Tissot are high quality watches, coming from the same stable as Omega since the 1930s, so this is good value at £149, with free UK delivery. It has a relatively small face so would look good on a lady as well as a man.


One Response to “Men’s Vintage Tissot – Name Dropping”

  1. i love tissot very handsome

    This blog definitely ver cool thanks for sharing

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