Who’s Your Daddy?


So Father’s Day was invented just over a hundred years ago by a church-going woman in Spokane, Washington State.  Being a dad may seem like a rather strange thing to celebrate – you had sex and managed to produce an offspring, me, well done! – so even when it was first introduced in 1909, the idea was derided and parodied by critics.

But people liked the idea of recognising their father’s role in their lives and thanking them for all that paternal love and wisdom. Starting with the wearing of a red rose to honor a living father, and a white rose to honor a dead one, it later became a day of giving cards and gifts. It caught on across the world and is now celebrated in over 52 countries including the US, Russia, Taiwan, Guatemala and Nepal.

Dads are often very tricky to buy for.  They’ve already got a humorous beer glass, hundreds of ties, special golfing socks, books about Winston Churchill and George Best, and lots of expensive wines that you can’t really beat on your measly budget. So what to get them for that special day, Sunday 20th June?

A watch, of course! A symbol of eternity, a stylish accessory they wouldn’t buy for themselves, a thoughtful gift.

So go and have a gander at our Men’s Dress watches, Design watches and maybe even our rather trendy Timex 80 watches… the perfect way to say Well Done for Being My Dad.


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