Beware the calculator watch…


In days gone by of packed lunches, knee-high socks and hiding in cupboards to avoid PE – our school years circa mid 80s – the calculator watch was definitely an item of geekery. My brother used to have a whole collection of calculator watches and I just thought he was a huge nerd.

Now, though, the calculator watch has become cool. Modern versions have been re-released by both Casio and Timex as geek-chic items that combine nostalgia for school days with a bit of humour over one’s inability to do basic mental arithmetic.

But be warned! – the Casio calculator watch is not just a badge of fashionability, it’s also a sign of al-Qaeda membership…. erm, according to US Defence Department.  There’s a whole page on Wikipedia (okay, not the most reliable source but great for conspiracy theories) outlining cases in which a US terror suspect has been found wearing a Casio F91W calculator watch.  In evidence against Guantanamo detainees, the Dept has apparently repeatedly stated:

“The type of Casio watch the detainee had in his possession at the time of apprehension has been used in bombings that have been linked to al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorist groups.”

But, as Abdelaziz Kareem Salim al-Noofayee commented in his tribunal, “The guards here wear the same Casio watch I did. The watch I was wearing looked like the same one the guards wear here. Does that mean they’re al-Qaeda members?” Good point, well made.

So if you want to avoid the notorious Casio F91W, we’ve got the whole new range of Timex 80 watches in stock including their fantastic calculator watches… you should be safe wearing one of these to America.

Useful when splitting the bill...


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