‘Watch Me Go’ findings on the web


So, our company name now tops Google search when you type in Watch Me Go. Woo hoo to us, and thank you Google spiders for your strange and magical ways of finding us…

It actually didn’t take that long – I guess it’s a fairly distinctive phrase – but we had been thwarted for a few months by some dodgy Girls Aloud song by that name (and no, we’re not posting a link to it here). It was somewhat depressing to see ourselves losing out to a synthetic and rather talentless girl band – but hurrah for we are no.1 now!

Stevie Wonder album cover

Back in the very beginning, when you typed in ‘watch me go’ we were also beaten by a bizarre posting titled ‘Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?’ From a very funny, very blasphemous satirical site called Landover Baptist Church, the title refers to a question apparently often asked by Christian kids in the States.

The ‘Pastor’ begins his response: “Yes child, your mother is right; Jesus does see all. But unlike a Peeping Tom who is only able to catch a glimpse of you on the toilet through the window, the good Lord Jesus is all over your business…”  As we don’t wish to offend the Church-goers among you, you can read the rest here.

These days, ‘watch me go’ still brings up a few oddities: an advert for a children’s book teaching the sign language signs for different motor vehicles; rather crap lyrics for a song by a band called Go Fish; and an advert for a Scooter T-shirt on ebay…

If you search under UK it’ll also bring up our Voucher Code, which we thought we’d highlight here for the benefit of our blog readers. 10% off until the end of March – happy shopping!


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