Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it?


It’s Valentine’s Day in two weeks’ time. Being online shopkeepers, we inevitably jump on any special day or event to promote our wares, so of course now is the time to start talking about gifts for your loved one. ‘So cynical!’ I hear you cry, but give us a break. Card shops, travel agents and florists have had their cut-out hearts in the windows for weeks, and last year NHS Direct even used Valentine’s Day to launch a new sex advice area on their website. How romantic!

Valentine's Day hairy man

Where can I buy this card?

It’s another of the year’s love-hate events, like New Year’s Eve and Children in Need (actually, we all hate that ‘cos it’s rubbish telly). There are many who wish ‘VD’ would go away, others who see it as an opportunity to buy a new lawnmower (for her), and others – like a group of my girl-friends who booked a large table at a romantic restaurant so they could drunkenly bitch about the couples around them – who see it as chance to celebrate singledom.

From what I’ve read, Valentine’s Day originated from the pagan Spring festival, which was pounced on by the church in Roman times and turned into a Christian celebration – although last year’s NME put it like this:

“In Rome, a few centuries ago there was a priest and a ruler. The ruler didn’t like the fact that nobody was enlisting in the army because they were all happy in love and married. So he got rid of marriage. The priest, upset by this, performed ‘illegal’ weddings. When the priest was found out, he was stoned and beaten with clubs. That didn’t quite kill him so they lopped off his head. And that’s why we celebrate St.Valentine’s Day…”

For G and I, Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal but we do like to do something nice – usually cooking an elaborate four-course meal at home and drink a couple of bottles of wine… And we tend to give each other little gifts like a rare and smelly cheese, a beanie hat with hand-stitched initials or a creepy cuddly toy.

I’m sorry guys, but I really am going to have to mention some watches now, as we genuinely think they make good gifts that are thoughtful and romantic, yet cool and functional… So there’s the heart-shaped pendant option for the fully loved-up; the unique vintage watch that he’ll treasure, or the sleek and simple watch for your design-conscious darling. Happy V Day! xx

Heart-shaped face watch


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