New Year, erm… New You?


Christmas is always a rather indulgent time… more varieties of canape than Delia Smith could whip up in a year, more days of turkey sandwiches/curry/pie than you really wanted and more champagne than is remotely sensible. G and I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends, but we’re actually rather glad to stop the feasting and get back to work!

Thankfully our recent diet wasn’t entirely booze, turkey and pastry-based; we had a decent crop of parsnips from our allotment, which we ate on Christmas day. Among our beauties pulled from the icy ground was this – the Lovely Lady Legs Christmas Parsnip.

At this stage, after a month of eating and drinking, I am actually looking enviously at the Lovely Lady Legs, wishing my pins were just as svelte. I suspect G is too…

So it’s time to detox.  We’ve decided to give up alcohol and meat for a month, and go for a walk or run every day. Our resolve is strong – we will not fail!  And we have the Lovely Lady Legs to spur us on!

If you’re in need of New Year inspiration, take a look at our January home page – we’ve got lots of fresh fruit and even fresher watches to inspire you to eat healthily and do some exercise. We really like the simple but clever design of these Japanese ‘Idea’ watches, or if you want something a bit loud and funky go for a Vestal Digichord or Flüd Cartridge. Our theory is, a brand new watch will make you feel super-punctual and brighten you up for 2010… the truth of that may remain to be seen, but hey, if a parsnip can do it for us…


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