Our Mazda MX-5 goes for a swim


Some of you will have heard about our little incident in Scotland recently…

Driving up for a long weekend on the lovely west coast, we were cruising along the winding roads, enjoying the scenery and looking forward to a wee toddy at our destination.  Then, as it is wont to do in Scotland, it started to rain. 

We rounded a nasty bend and – eek!  Rear wheel drive = little car spinning across the road…  Even G’s superior driving skills could not keep us on track…

We skidded through the rain, went off the edge of the road and landed in an inconveniently placed river.

As the disaster quite literally sank in, all I could hear was Gerald muttering expletives.  Luckily we were both unscathed and no-one else was hurt, but poor Mazzy now sleeps with the fishes.

This is not where we were supposed to be.


One Response to “Our Mazda MX-5 goes for a swim”

  1. 1 caveman

    At least it wasn’t doing the backstroke!

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