Lego watch challenge


Ever on the lookout for new designs to add to our watch collection at Watch Me Go, we came across this season’s Lego watch created by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and odm.  

It does look pretty good, with a hint of Casio shape, but all smooth and updated for the 21st century.  I liked what Kate Vandermeer at the Cool Hunter had to say about it: “For some time now, we’ve seen a revival of all things early 80’s pop culture.  As the youth of that era take reign within creative positions, their idealism and inspiration from that era is re-positioned in today’s creative consciousness…”  In other words – today’s 20-somethings yearn for retro 80s objects because of childhood memories, and 80s kids are starting to rule the world.  Sounds just like me.

If you really want to fulfil your Lego lust you need to go for the real thing – such as this little dude, available fom the the official LEGO shop at £25.  It’s definitely LEGO, but it’s not exactly office wear.

Or – getting into the true spirit of Lego and taking you right back to when you were a kid – you could build your own!  Erm, you will probably need to go the shops first to get some Lego bricks, glue etc – but how hard can it be?  I will be back in a week or so with a picture of my effort at a bespoke Lego timepiece.  If anyone else feels like joining me in this Blue Peter style nostalgiafest, then please do post a picture of your creation. Just don’t try sticking it up your nose… 


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