So without being sickening, we’re both fans of Valentine’s Day, and this is our little love treat to you lovely readers… enjoy!


January Blues?


January Blues

The January blues must have been on our mind when we found we picked up these three beauties! We wanted to add some colour to things at Watch Me Go, and just loved the purples and blues that these three wonderful vintage timepieces bring.

We’ve just popped these on the website so check them out today – there’s a Retro Dimetron Men’s Watch, an ASIS Retro Men’s Watch (now sold), and a Seiko pendant watch.

Anyway, away with the January blues, we’re in February now – here’s to a tip top 2014!

No sooner had we launched our Christmas offer, promoting a 10% discount on all our ladies vintage watches, than The Sunday Times Style magazine launched an amazing feature on jewellery, and announced that the ladies dress watch is back!
So don’t just take it from us – the ‘smaller, slimline timepiece’ is the number to be wearing this festive season – check out some of our favourite designs by clicking here.
And don’t forget to use promo code ‘CMAS13′ at the check-out to get your 10% discount this Christmas.

There have been some changes at Watch Me Go! The founders of the company, Julia and Gerald, have flown off to new adventures in Singapore, and we (Fraser and Rosie, hello!) are super excited to have taken over all watches vintage and stylish! We just wanted to pop onto this blog to say hello and introduce ourselves.

We’ve been out and about recently buying some exciting new vintage pieces! We know we shouldn’t have favourites, but we just love these two watches.
This is a very special Russian vintage watch with an automatic function and Russian lettering on the  face:
And this bright and bold Newmark vintage men’s watch – we love the retro-style numbering and red date function:
Have a look at other recent additions on our website, and do give us a shout if you have any questions about any of the new stock we’re posting, or if you really wish we stocked a particular type/style of timepiece!

We’ve been shopping. Christmas almost wiped us out of our vintage stock (no complaints there!) but we’ve since picked up lots of lovely little numbers from the watch fairs we visit around the UK. Many would make a lovely Valentine’s day present.

First up, this lovely patinated Royce vintage watch from Switzerland. A really elegant men’s watch from the 1930s, with art-deco influences on the numerals.

Royce Vintage Watch

Like a Rolls Royce, only much, much cheaper

Or if you’re looking for a girl’s Valentine gift, how about this stunning marcasite watch? Again it has an art deco feel and it’s in excellent condition – you often lose a few of the little marcasite stones over the years, but this one’s perfect.

Art Deco Marcasite Watch

Someone's taken very good care of this beautiful watch.

Check out all the new vintage pieces and also some new Modern Design watches at

HAPPY NEW YEAR watch lovers, design fanatics, fashionistas and gizmo geeks!

We are hoping for a truly great year in 2012 (after a slightly tempestuous 2011) and we’ve made three New Year’s resolutions to try and make that happen:

1) More blogging and, if we’re really virtuous, the odd tweet

2) To make it to every single watch fair, even if it is on a Sunday after a massive party and we’d rather stay in bed

3) To find at least two more unique watch lines to add to our selection

Added to that, we hope to continue with excellent customer service (that’s what you tell us!) and genuine TLC for each of our watches, particularly the vintage pieces.

As Quentin Tarantino so brilliantly captures in this scene from ‘Pulp Fiction’, a watch is something that really begs to be looked after. Because a watch is more than just an object that tells you the time – it’s a token of love, a cherished heirloom, a piece of history…


While we don’t go quite as far as storing watches like that, we can promise that we really do care about each one and we give them lots of love and attention. Each vintage watch is hand picked by us, then cleaned, sometimes repaired, often given a new strap or glass, and generally restored to its former glory. We’re sure you’ll want to care for one of them just as much once you’re the proud owner.

Jeez, it has been rather a while since we last blogged – slapped wrists to us! – but it’s only because we’ve been having such a splendid time over the summer. Now it’s back to work, back to warm clothing (well, except for this weird Indian Summer thing) and back to the blog. One of our many lovely diversions over the summertime was a visit from our mate Anna. She’s an old uni friend who’s fled the country to go and live in Chicago, but lucky for us she came back to visit for nearly a month.

Anna: So stylish

One of the things Anna said she most misses when in the US – along with Marmite, Earl Grey and a sense of irony – is the fashion here in London. Apparently there’s only so much Abercrombie and Fitch a girl can wear. Anna is indeed a rather stylish lady – so we were delighted when she added to her tour of London’s coolest boutiques and fashion spots with a little trip to the (unofficial) Watch Me Go shop in N1.

Ever the collector of fine old things and timeless classics, Anna’s eye was drawn to our vintage watches, and she ended up choosing an unusual square men’s watch and a gold pendant. The watch is from the late 50s and was made by Roamer – a company that was founded is Switzerland and then set up a major office in New York in the 40s – and the pendant was made in the late 60s by Sekonda – a brand that had its heyday in Soviet Russia and which had grown out of the Peterhof Lapidary Factory, established in 1721 by Peter the Great.

All suitably international to go with Anna’s jet-set lifestyle! Here she is Stylin’ It with her new watches…

Apparently, at a party she went to in London someone asked her if the pendant watch was by Marc Jacobs. “No, darling,” she said, “it’s from a watch website called Watch Me Go.”  Ever fashionable, and ever loyal to her friends’ business. Thank you, Anna!

Anyway, we’ve just been to a watch fair and got a lovely lot of vintage stock, so do have a look on the  site. We’ll be posting more examples of people Stylin’ It with their trendy timepieces, promise….

If you want to be featured in one of our blog posts, do send in some pictures of your stylish watch wearing!


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